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Hair + Cap: [taketomi]_Zitao_DarkBrowns NEW InWorld
Bracelet: MINIMAL - Legion Bracelet -Military/Oxide NEW (TMD Oct) InWorld
Vest: <kalback> Vest Hoodie NEW InWorld
Jeans: <kalback> Original Jeans_Dirty NEW InWorld
Sneakers:  VERSOV ] WONZOV_Sneakers_Cream&Brown NEW (TMD Oct) InWorld

Newpaper & Cup: Newpaper & Cup: Kalopsia - Hazel's Newspaper+Cup NEW ( The Seasons Story Oct) InWorld ( Open 10 Oct)
Platform: Soy. Hand Platform with wrapped something NEW InWorld
WindMill: Kalopsia - 1 - Aurelia's Windmill Decor NEW (TCF Oct) InWorld
Ladder: Kalopsia - 4 - Aurelia's Ladder - Wood NEW (TCF Oct) InWorld
Boook: Kalopsia - 3 - Aurelia's Autumn Book  NEW (TCF Oct) InWorld
Cart: Apple Fall Market Barrow - Fields NEW (Fameshed Oct) InWorld
Pumpkins: Apple Fall Pumpkin NEW (Fameshed Oct) InWorld
- Soy. Papers - piled
- Soy. Papers - spread  
NEW InWorld

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